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Diagnose, plan and operate

To visualize a 3D volume rendered models, you need the full 2D radiological data (may reach up to 1GB), using a high performance workstation.

With QUBX you can easily visualize a 360 digital model using any smart device with 99% less volume than the the original data.

You can simply rotate the model to visualize it from any angle you wish, compared to the randomized snapshot 2D images printed on paper view sample

3D printing is the construction of a three-dimensional object from a  digital file

You can now grasp a patient specific 3D printed tactile model in your hand for confident surgical planning, reducing surgical time and post-operative complication

The 3D printed models are 1:1 scale, with the same size of the patient’s anatomy, obtained from 2D CT images view sample

Our team consists of medical specialists in diagnostics radiology with unique experience in 3D rendering and modeling

Aided by the latest AI technology, we provide the physician a whole 3D anatomical experience in the grasp of his hand;
– as 360 digital model visualization using any smart device for accurate diagnosis in 30 MINUTES
– and/or 3D printed anatomical model for confident surgical planning in 48 HOURS

With QUBX you can diagnose simply, confidently plan your surgery or even perform it first away from the theater room using a 3D printed model obtained from the CT data


You can easily request QUBX's 3D services through our partners of radiological centers and hospitals


Request CT/MRI scans with QUBX 3D services from your patient


Will perform the requested scan with QUBX 3D services


Provides its 3D services :
-360 digital model within 30 minutes
-3D printed models within 48 hours

Say Hello to The New 3D Era!

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